Safe Ocean Service moves to the Port of Hirtshals

Because of the last four years' massive growth at the offshore company Safe Ocean Service, the company needs new and bigger settings in order for the growth and development to continue. During the last couple of years, Safe Ocean Service has done work on offshore units in the oil sector as well as the wind industry, on sea installations and in other ports, but now the company wants to focus on the offshore service in its home town, at the Port of Hirtshals.

Based on a goal of developing the company's activities within the offshore sector, Safe Ocean Service has rented office space at Jens Munksvej 1 at the Port of Hirtshals. The new office space is placed directly by Østbassin 2 and during the last years, several offshore units have been located at this basin at a repair dock. This step brings Safe Ocean Service a step closer to a new future where repairs on offshore units are carried out right by the headquarters. This also means an even better service to rig operators and owners.

Director Thomas Nielsen says about the latest initiative:
- The move to the Port of Hirtshals is another step in the process Safe Ocean Service is going through. The main goals are that we want to grow as a company but we also want to be an exciting place to work. We want to show that we can deliver quality work and that we can provide the services that the marked demands. Flexibility in and curiosity about the markets that we work in is important to us and that's why we are always ready to provide whatever the customers demand.

- We have a natural interest in a close collaboration with other service providers at the Port of Hirtshals and that is one of the reasons for the move to Kaj Munksvej. We feel that together with the other companies in the service cluster at the Port of Hirtshals, we can help make Hirtshals an even stronger offshore port, and that is something we really look forward to developing during the next years.

The two owners of Safe Ocean Service, Thomas Nielsen and Chris Durhuus, are extremely satisfied with the development, which during the last four years has resulted in the company today having 80 employees and offices in both Houston and Hirtshals.

Director Chris Durhuus says about the last years' growth:
- It has been amazing to be part of the development we have experienced. Even though we have faced obstacles on the way, we have always look ahead and we can see that we're doing it right and we find it important to learn from the relationships we are a part of.