Offshore company at the Port of Hirtshals expands

Nordrep A/S is building a 400 m²-workshop and thereby the company solidifies itself as one of the companies at the port that are expanding in order to be able to keep up with an increasing level of activity.

Nordrep A/S is continuously expanding its activities in the offshore sector and brings home more and more jobs for the company's workshops in Hirtshals. The number of jobs carried out at oil installations and drilling rigs all around the world is also growing.

Eigil Hansen, Director of Nordrep A/S, elaborates:
-We are getting busier, and today we are landing jobs that we would not have gotten just a few years ago. That's why we have to expand our workshops so we can handle the jobs in ways that satisfy both our own as well as our customers' quality demands. The workshop that we are currently building is big enough to be used for servicing and repair of jack-up installations, meaning the machines that lift the drilling platforms up the legs of a jack-up rig, like the ones that have been in Hirtshals for renovation.

The company is getting more jobs abroad and is currently present in both Dubai and Brazil doing repair jobs on drilling rigs. Nordrep A/S has 30 employees and within maritime service, it works with repair of ships and within the oil and gas sector, it works with repair and maintenance of offshore rigs and ships. They have recently finished a job on the wind turbine installation ship "Pacific Osprey" where they have carried out an under-water repair of damages on one of the ships' six legs. The job consisted of replacing steel on a spudcan in a custom-build underwater chamber. At the moment the company is working on the new drilling ship "Maersk Valiant".