North Atlantic Shipping expands at the Port of Hirtshals

North Atlantic Shipping has experienced great success and that means an expansion of the office facilities at Herluf Trollesvej. When Jens Skjødt Petersen started North Atlantic Shipping back in 2006, he was the only employee in the company. Now, the company's staff includes four people and that requires more space. The newly built 1st floor will work as an office for the four employees and the current facilities will be used for meetings, file storage and lunch breaks.

About the increase in office space, Jens Skjødt Petersen says:
-The Port of Hirtshals is working on a big expansion of the port and on the development of a rail cargo terminal which I expect North Atlantic Shipping to benefit from. By expanding our office facilities with 80 m², I am preparing the company for the future. It will give me the possibility of hiring more staff when the company continues its current growth.

Since 2009, North Atlantic Shipping has worked as an agent for the company Nor Lines in Hirtshals and factory ships from Greenland, Iceland and Canada are also among the company's business areas. The company also handles everything within customs and ship clearance, discharging and loading ships, liner traffic to Norway, chartering, and bonded warehousing of chilled, frozen, and dry cargo.

The expansion of the office facilities at Herluf Trollesvej began in December 2014 and the work is expected to end in February 2015.