Large tension winch at the Port of Hirtshals

During the first six months of 2015, the Port of Hirtshals established an emergency ferry landing at Notkajen in Hirtshals. In connection with this, Cosmos Trawl invested in a foundation for a tension winch that has been incorporated into the ramp of the emergency ferry landing. The tension winch will be used when straightening trawl wires from fishing vessels. Cosmos Trawl will set up the winch when needed.

Since the emergency ferry landing was completed in the beginning of June 2015, Cosmos Trawl has already provided their services to two large fishing vessels. Recently, the newly built fishing vessel KVANNØY made use of the tension winch. About the investment, production manager, Søren Christiansen, says:
- We are very happy and proud to be able to provide this service and the fact that it is Denmark's largest tension winch makes it even more exciting. Our winch can pull up to 15 tons tension and up to 44 mm wire, which makes us able to provide service to the really big vessels.

A tension winch puts pressure the wire so that the vessels can pull the wire tightly onto the winch. This is necessary in order to prevent the wire from cutting through the layers of wire already on the winch. The tension winch has two big brakes that make it possible to pull the wire onto the winch slowly, and thereby making it tight.

Søren Christiansen concludes:
- Servicing KVANNØY took less than a day which is very satisfying. At other providers, the same process can take up to three days so we're happy and so are our customers. We expect more fishing vessels coming in - vessels that would not have come without this service. We also hope to get a good working relationship with Karstensens Skibsværft in Skagen so that we can get the newly built vessels to Hirtshals, like it was the case with KVANNØY.