Land expansion now visible east of the Port of Hirtshals

The expansion of the Port of Hirtshals east of the current port area is already making its mark on land and at sea. The entrepreneur, M. J. Eriksson A/S has started the job of filling sand onto the beach and into the ocean. This is the first part of making the 250,000 m² port area a reality.

Over the last couple of months, The Port of Hirtshals has pumped sand that was cleaned during entry onto land, and this made it possible for M. J. Eriksson to initiate the land expansion immediately after the contract was signed. This helps keep the tight time-table for the construction.

Technical manager of the Port of Hirtshals, Peter Ydesen, sees the bigger picture of the construction Work:
-Right now, we have pumped about one fifth of the total amount of sand onto the beach, and soon we will begin the work with the remaining sand. Pumping sand onto the beach only to fill it into the ocean again might seem like double work but the process has been thoroughly though out. It gives us the cheapest solution as well as the most control over the process.

About the alternative construction process, Ydesen says:
-East and north of the peers by the port, the water is only a few meters deep, and that would make it expensive to pump the sand onto the land expansion directly from the ship that cleans it up during entry. The best solution is to pump the sand onto land as it is cleaned and deal with the sand from there.

Because of the tight time-table, entrepreneur M. J. Eriksson is currently filling up the land area where the main road for Østhavnen will be.

Concerning the approach to the construction work, Ydesen explains
-With the approach we have chosen, there is of course a small risk of the sand being taken back into the ocean on case of a storm but the water is low so the risk is lim-ited. Besides, we are very aware of having the necessary safety measures during the construction.

Work on the 1.2 kilometers long peer, which will surround the land expansion, will begin as soon as the first phase of the backfilling is complete. This must be ready before the road entrepreneur Vennelyst A/S can initiate its work with extend-ing Willemoesvej and constructing the main road which will connect the roundabout at Hirtshals Transport Center with the land expansion.