Great interest in new business areas at the Port of Hirtshals

The 250,000 m² expansion of the Port of Hirtshals is going according to plans and the new business areas are becoming more visible for every day and that is arouses interest among businesses.

The Port of Hirtshals is backfilling 250,000 m² of Skagerrak and 190,000 m² thereof are dedicated to business areas for port-related businesses, such as maritime services, raw material processing, storage facilities, production, and fish processing.

About the rising interest in the upcoming business areas, Director at the Port of Hirtshals, Karin Eilers, says:
- It is interesting to follow the construction work and to see new possibilities at the Port of Hirtshals being created. While sand is being pumped into the area, we are also starting to make companies aware of the possibilities of the quayside and the motorway literally meeting. There is a definite interest and we already have both declarations of interest as well as lease agreements. We have a number of reserved areas and today, the total number of reservations makes up almost half of the total area up for lease. And notice that this is before the area is even done. We have reservations from companies within several different industries and I expect the first actual lease to be signed at the beginning of 2016.

At the Port of Hirtshals, the port offers areas close to the port as well as areas with a direct view of Skagerrak to businesses with port-related activities. The port prioritizes companies that not only lease the area at the port, but also create revenue through the port, through e.g. discharging of goods, ship and offshore unit servicing, fish processing and storage. Being placed in Hirtshals means that the companies become part of the clusters of businesses within fish processing, transport and maritime services that together form an important part of the business life in Hirtshals.

In addition to the early interest in the 190,000 m² new business areas, there is also a growing interest in the 140,000 m² that have already been designated for logistics businesses at Hirtshals Transport Center.

When marketing the new business areas in Hirtshals, the port emphasizes the possibilities this location brings in both a Scandinavian and a Northern European context.

The construction work at the port is proceeding according to plans, and the construction of the outer jetty finished in August. The port expects the road construction to be done by summer 2016.