Duusgaard Coating keeps up with industry growth

A general growth within the offshore and maritime sector in later years is more than obvious for Duusgaard Coating in Hirtshals. This growth has created the need for bigger workshop space, and the company is currently building a new and modern spraying and drying space of 120 m².

In connection with the new construction, director of Duusgaard Coating, Thomas Rottbøll, says:
- It is important for us to be flexible and provide a good service for our customers. That's why it is necessary to expand our space and thereby the quality of our work. The demand for quality and short delivery times within the offshore sector in particular is increasing and we have to keep up with the development. Our new spraying and drying space gives us great conditions for drying as it is built with better heat and ventilation systems. Furthermore, the space can be divided by a partition so that it can work as two separate spaces as well as one big one.

Duusgaard Coating expects that the new spraying and drying space will be instrumental in the company taking on more and bigger projects and the company being more flexible.

The company's primary activity is and has always been surface treatment of ships which includes high pressure cleaning, sandblasting, water jetting, metal coating, and painting - primarily of large steel ships. This work mainly lies during the summer period as it depends a lot on weather conditions but with the new 120 m² space, the company has the possibility of evening out the seasons and getting more work all year around. In the long run, this can also mean that Duusgaard Coating will have to increase its number of employees - a number that lies between 5 and 7 during the winter period.