Vision 2020 to strengthen the Port of Hirtshals' leading position

After conducting thorough groundwork, the Port of Hirtshals can now reveal its Vision 2020 which holds the port's visions for its development over the next 6 years. With Vision 2020, the port presents the bench marks for its business areas as well as the resources that will be put into making the vision come true.

Chairman of the board of the Port of Hirtshals, Anker Laden-Andersen says: ?We have been through a long and rewarding process in connection with the development of Vision 2020. With this vision we have the foundation for the next years' development which is based on the unique geographical location and the strong competences that exist in Hirtshals and Northern Jutland. The Port of Hirtshals' Vision 2020 is based on a parameter that is not going to change - this being geography as well as competences that are continuously being developed."

The fundamental starting point for the port's visions is a definition of the port as "a commercial business with a local, a regional and a Scandinavian commitment". This establishes that through revenue and a solid economy the port will secure the foundation of providing the right settings for businesses. This will help create jobs and tax income for Northern Jutland. At the same time, the Port of Hirtshals has a unique geographical location which will be used to create logistic solutions that are far more effective than many of the current solutions. With a direct access to fishing grounds, other parts of Europe, oil fields and maritime passages, the port can be a vital part of logistic solutions that are more effective and advantageous than what traditional thinking allows today.

For Chairman of the board, Laden-Andersen, merely having the plans is not enough: "Vision 2020 is not just a fancy piece of paper. It is a work sheet that also contains the strategy for our efforts in the following years up until 2020. The results will not come by themselves and therefore we put the necessary competences and resources into realizing the growth goals. The port's organization is geared up to making our vision become reality on each of the business areas that we focus on. We have a huge amount of work ahead of us in telling the different players within our business areas about the new solution models and opportunities."

Over the last years, the Port of Hirtshals has realized a steady growth, and Vision 2020 is the foundation for a continued growth up until the year 2020. A strong focus on the port's role in the Scandinavia of the future is essential. The Port of Hirtshals should therefore also be known as "PORT OF SCANDINAVIA . . . .  because geography matters".

Vision 2020 contains goals within the business areas that will be at the very core of the port's activities in the future:

  • Ro/ro traffic from the Port of Hirtshals is to be developed with a starting point in the existing ferry routes. Here, the Port of Hirtshals will be the intermodal connection between sea, railway and road transport in Scandinavia. Transport solutions, possibilities for consolidation and a unique geography are combined going to create new logistical solutions which will benefit both businesses and consumers.
  • In collaboration with various players in the port, general cargo activities and bulk activities are going to be expanded with the purpose of gaining the market shares that are realistic in a geographical connection.
  • By attracting fish processing companies, the Port of Hirtshals is going to recapture its leading position within fishing. By further developing existing competences and making new possibilities visible, the Port of Hirtshals will become the Scandinavian "Boulogne sur Mer" - this being "Boulogne du Nord".
  • In Vision 2020, maritime service has been separated from the other activities as a separate business area. In corporation with businesses in the port and with a coordinated resource effort, the focus will be on the segments in the maritime industry that can make use of the port. Additionally, this effort strengthens not just the port, but all of Northern Jutland.
  • The development of the offshore sector in Vendsyssel is carried out in collaboration with individual companies as well as the group that the port helped establish "Offshore Base Scandinavia". These efforts are going to create more activities and jobs in Vendsyssel, and the Port of Hirtshals will be focusing on both repair activities as well as the possibility of becoming a base port.

The realization of the port's visions means that the physical frames of the port's area will be developed. Vision 2020 is followed by an updated master plan; Master plan 2030-3 which will be completed and published in November 2014.

Vision 2020 can be downloaded from the port's website,, or it can be provided to you at the port office in Hirtshals.

For additional information, the Chairman of the board, Anker Laden-Andersen can be contacted on +45 40 63 12 03.

Facts about the Port of Hirtshals

2013 in numbers
  • Passengers 2.2 million
  • Cars 691,000
  • Trucks 141,000
  • Freight 1.5 million tons
  • Fish - value of landings 477 million DKKR
  • Revenue 63.5 million DKKR
  • Profit 9.6 million DKKR

Ferry routes to:

  • Kristiansand
  • Larvik
  • Langesund
  • Bergen
  • Stavanger
  • The Faroe Islands
  • Iceland

General cargo routes

  • From Hirtshals to the Oslofjord and up the Norwegian coast to Kirkenes
  • From Emshaven and Cuxhaven to Hirtshals


  • One of Denmark's largest clusters of processing companies
  • Fish auction
  • Landing facilities for herring and mackerel

Maritime service

  • Roofed floating dock
  • Stocks
  • A cluster of service companies with 24-hour service

Offshore service

  • Member of Offshore Base Scandinavia
  • Jack ups for service life extension in 2011 and 2012