The Port of Hirtshals strengthens its competitive position on maritime service

The Port of Hirtshals now introduces a more dynamic and transparent rate system for vessels that come to the port for repair, maintenance or rebuild. The port simplifies the current rate system and provides the opportunities for vessels to stay at the port on a daily rate.

The managing director of the Port of Hirtshals Jens Kirketerp Jensen says about the new day rates:
- All the time, we have to think ahead and expand our competitive position. This means that we, together with the service companies at the port, are to offer opportunities, which are attractive for the markets and customers that we work with. It is our expectation that a more dynamic rate system will help to attract more vessels for repair and service at the Port of Hirtshals. 

The Port of Hirtshals priorities maritime service as an independent business area, which is to be developed over the years to come. The port wishes to strengthen its market position within the segments that match the competences and business areas, which the port already has a strong focus on; primarily fishing vessels, supply vessels and cargo vessels.

Together with the companies at the port, the Port of Hirtshals is to continuously develop the competitive position in order to ensure development and growth of the business cluster in Hirtshals. It is important that not only the service companies and the shipping agents at the port, but also the port itself, at all times can attract both more and new customers.