The Port of Hirtshals continues its growth in 2013

In 2013, the Port of Hirtshals again substantiated is position as the commercial port of Northern Denmark. With a record turnover of DKK 63.5m (EURO 8,5m), the Port of Hirtshals presents revenue growth the fourth year in a row. The port also describes the financial result for the financial year 2013 as very satisfying - in 2013, the Port of Hirtshals has realized a financial result of DKK 9.6m (EURO 1.3m), which is more than double the financial result of 2012.

In connection with the release of the Port of Hirtshals' accounts for 2013, chairman Anker Laden-Andersen says:
- We, at the Port of Hirtshals, characterize the year as very satisfying. The port has realized a new revenue record, and we have had the best financial result in years, which is very positive. The result is a consequence of a continuously high ac-tivity level among the port's business partner and users, and we are very happy that the Port of Hirtshals frames the activities of innovative and enterprising companies and shipping companies.

- The development also means that we have our eyes firmly fixed on the future, which contains both challenges and opportunities in terms of development and growth. In the next few years, we are to maintain growth and development, and this is only possible if we strengthens our effort of making visible the unique opportunities, which the Port of Hirt-shals offers operators within transport, fishery and maritime service in terms of its geographical location.

2013 has been characterized by a growth in traffic over the Port of Hirtshals, and in 2013, the port reached a traffic vol-ume of 141,000 trailers, 691,000 cars and 2.2m passengers. In recent years, the traffic over the port has increased and for the sixth year in a row, the three ferry companies Fjord Line, Color Line and Smyril Line have set new traffic records. The increasing growth helps to establish the Port of Hirtshals' position as a future turntable for ro/ro traffic in Scandinavia.

In 2013, the fishery at the Port of Hirtshals sustained the same size as 2012, and the fishery is therefore still a significant part of the activities at the Port of Hirtshals, and a business segment that is to be developed. In addition, the maritime service sector showed positive tendencies in 2013. In the past year, initiatives have been made to strengthen maritime service as one of the port's independent business areas, and this effort will be enhanced in 2014.

The Port of Hirtshals sustains the growth and financial objectives, which has characterized 2013. This way, the port will strengthen its commercial potential and at the same time be financially prepared for the opportunities, which may arise in the years to come.

In 2014 and 2015, the port will implement the plans for developing the hinterland infrastructure and actively participate in the development of logistics activities at Hirtshals Transport Centre. In 2013, the realization of the growth potentials was strengthen, as the EU made the Port of Hirtshals one of the prioritized corridors in Europe; the TEN-T Core Network. Likewise, the establishment of a rail freight terminal by the Port of Hirtshals has become part of ?Train Fund Denmark", which means that cargo traffic by rail will increase traffic over the port and on the Jutland corridor further in the years to come.

For further information, please contact chairman Anker Laden-Andersen by phone +45 40 63 12 03.