The Port of Frederikshavn and the Port of Hirtshals in joined offshore venture

Northern Jutland has an opportunity to create a position in the European offshore sector, therefore the Port of Hirtshals and the Port of Frederikshavn has started a cooperation with a range of companies at and around the two ports in order to utilize the competences in a joined offshore venture.

Under the name "Offshore Base Scandinavia", the offshore competences of the companies in Northern Jutland have been gathered in a joined initiative, which is to identify the opportunities of the markets and simultaneously ensure access to knowledge about the wide range of offshore competences, which have already been established at the two ports. Offshore Base Scandinavia is an open network for companies from Northern Jutland that work within the offshore sector. Besides the two ports, 20 companies are today members of the network.

Two jack up rigs have already been service in Northern Jutland - in 2011 and 2012 respectively. These two projects to-gether with the companies' offshore experiences from jobs all over the world, have been essential in the creating of the ideas surrounding Offshore Base Scandinavia and the cooperation across Northern Jutland.

The preliminary work around Offshore Base Scandinavia has been done over the last six months of 2013 and has been an instructive process for the companies and the two ports. The process itself has been positive in correlation to the oppor-tunities for creating business cooperation and growth in the business life of Northern Jutland. Correspondingly, other networks surrounding the two ports have shown the presence of strong business development opportunities in this region.

Chairman for the Port of Hirtshals Anker Laden-Andersen says:
- Offshore Base Scandinavia shows a long-term perspective for cooperation and the opportunity of creating business growth in the region. It is clear that the ports' of Northern Jutland work strategically to develop their businesses and utilize their growth potential. Simultaneously, it is satisfying if we can help contribute to creating even more business and growth in the region by working together, wherever it is advantageous.

Chairman for the Port of Frederikshavn Lars Bonderup Bjørn says:
- The establishment of this network shows that ports are growth creators and business centres, and that the future growth of Northern Jutland should be created here. I have no doubt that Offshore Base Scandinavia will created in-creased activities and growth for the companies - and we can already now see that the companies are not tied to any business centres - or ports - but utilize the opportunities that can be found in both ports without taking into considera-tion which one. The activities have been concentration around the ports and this is worth noticing.

The setup of Offshore Base Scandinavia has been co-financed by Vækstforum, which falls under the North Denmark Region, and is administered by Marcod. The effort around offshore is fully supported by the two municipalities of the ports; Hjoerring Municipality and Frederikshavn Municipality.



The participating companies besides the Port of Frederikshavn, the Port of Hirtshals and Marcod are::
BMS Kramer
Blue Water Shipping
Harris Pye Scandinavia
Henry Petersen & Sønner
Hirtshals El-Motorservice
Nicon Industries
Nordisk Svejse Kontrol
Orskov Offshore
PBT Technic
Recover Nordic
Scanel International
Serman & Tipsmark
Studsgaard Safety Fire and Lifting Devision A/S
Vestergaard Marine Service
VMS Technology


For further information, please contact:
Mikkel Seedorff Sørensen, Port of Frederikshavn, phone +45 40 62 60 05
Jens Kirketerp Jensen, Port of Hirtshals, phone +45 20 33 24 47
Christine Lunde, Marcod, phone +45 23 32 03 32