Rail freight terminal at the Port of Hirtshals becomes a reality

With an investment of Euro 3m in a rail freight terminal at the Port of Hirtshals, the contracting parties of "Train Fund Denmark" ensure an effect of national importance by reducing crowding at the Jutlandic motorway network.

The establishment of a rail freight terminal is an addition to the hinterland infrastructure at the Port of Hirtshals, which is to ensure that land transport of the increasing cargo traffic through the port can be done both effectively and in an eco-friendly way. The rail freight terminal makes it possible to move part of the cargo transport to the railway system. By doing this, the emission of environmentally damaging particles from cargo transport can be reduces with approximately 10,000 tons of CO2 annually.

Because of the reduced environmental impact, it will be possible for haulers that use the Port of Hirtshals to offer green transport solutions in terms of rail transport. Furthermore, rail transport will reduce the crowding problems at the motorway network by Limfjord Tunnel, around Aarhus and in the Triangle Region and in Northern Germany.

Chairman of the Port of Hirtshals Anker Laden-Andersen says in connection with the publication of "Train Fund Denmark":
- It is important to see the establishment of the freight terminal at the Port of Hirtshals from a general social perspective, as the positive effects in terms of climate conditions and limitations of crowding on the motorway network are crucial, when we look at the investment.

- Subsequently, we can only be positive that another corridor will be added to the Port of Hirtshals. This will again underline the port's role as a turntable for cargo transport in Scandinavia. In addition, we can clearly see that there is an interest in the transport sector for a rail freight terminal at the Port of Hirtshals. Already in our preliminary work concerning the rail freight terminal, we have been contacted by large European railway operators and this only proves that building a terminal here is the right decision.

The construction work of the rail freight terminal at the Port of Hirtshals includes the establishment of a 650-meter railway track along the existing track towards Hirtshals, and a reloading area of approximately 36,000 m². The terminal is expected to start with a capacity of 80 trailers per day with a fixed connection to e.g. Duisburg in Germany.

The decision of a rail freight terminal by the Port of Hirtshals is part of including the stretch of railway into Europe's prioritized infrastructure, TEN-T main network. The terminal hereby becomes a significant part of Nordic Link, which is the connection between Norway and Europe. The establishment of a rail freight terminal underlines Hirtshals' position as logistic turntable in Scandinavia.

The agreement of "Train Fund Denmark" has been made between the government (S, R and SF), the Red-Green Alliance and the Danish People's Party on Tuesday 14 January 2014. The total investment is Euro 3.8bn, of which Euro 14.8m are ear-marked for upgrading the railway between Aalborg and Hirtshals.