An increasing number of ships bunker at the Port of Hirtshals

New numbers from the Port of Hirtshals show that more and more ships choose to bunker fuel at the Port of Hirtshals. Since 2010, the number of ships that bunker in Hirtshals has more than quadrupled. The vessels, which use the bunkering stations, are primarily from Norway.

One of the main reasons for the positive development can be ascribed to the port's geographical location close to one of the world's busiest sea-lanes. Daily, a large number of ships pass close by the Port of Hirtshals, and Hirtshals is therefore a quick and efficient solution, when the fuel tank has to be filled. Furthermore, the Port of Hirtshals and many of the companies at the port have close relations to the Norwegian maritime business community, and an increasing number of Norwegians are starting to discover the opportunities, which can be found in Hirtshals.

The activities at the Port of Hirtshals have been constantly increasing over the last 10 years, and this means that an increasing number of potential customers pass through the port. Bunkering of ships is a new business area for the port. The Port of Hirtshals will now put a more targeted focus on marketing of the opportunities around bunkering at the port, so this little niche market can be developed even further.

The two oil stations were established in 2008 with the purpose of making it easier for seine vessels, trawlers, coasters and supply vessels to bunker in Hirtshals. The fuel stations make it possible for the vessels to bunker at the quay instead of using small tank boats. The oil stations are operated by the two companies Nordic Marine Oil and Hirtshals Marineoile.