News archive - 2014

17 October 2014
After conducting thorough groundwork, the Port of Hirtshals can now reveal its Vision 2020 which holds the port's visions for its development over the next 6 years. With Vision 2020, the port presents the bench marks for its business areas as well as the resources that will be put into making the vision come true.



17 October 2014
During week 43, the first signs will start to show that the land expansion east of the Port of Hirtshals is becoming a reality. During the week, geotechnical drillings will be carried out in the area where the land expansion is planned to happen.



09 October 2014
At a strategy seminar in August, the Port of Hirtshals adopted a new vision and strategy for the port's development towards 2020. With a stamp of approval of Vision 2020, the port has made new goals for the port's development and growth over the next 6 years.



06 October 2014
In cooperation with Hjoerring Municipality and Banedanmark, the Port of Hirtshals is putting out to tender the operation of a new rail cargo terminal by the port. The contract with the operator will be a concession agreement. The parties are inviting commercial rail cargo operators to make an offer for the traffic of the terminal and the operation of the terminal.



17 September 2014
Ecus & Niels Bonde Spedition ApS is a newly started customs consulting company established at Hirtshals Transport Centre at the beginning of 2014. At the beginning, the company consisted of only owner Niels Bonde, but since then Niels Bonde Spedition ApS has established a cooperation with the Swedish forwarding agent Ecus. The development of the company has furthermore contributed to the employment of a forwarding agent and a trainee.



18 July 2014
Growth and development of the activities is part of the agenda at the Port of Hirtshals, which has an strong focus on the realization of the port's developmental potentials these years. Simultaneously, the port has an objective to maintain a healthy economy with the necessary economic latitude.



09 July 2014
A new market for service of vessels at Hirtshals Road outside the Port of Hirtshals is growing - i.e. vessels that come to anchor outside the port to be service by companies from the port.



01 July 2014
The Norwegian shipping company Nor Lines has increased its service to and from the Port of Hirtshals and now calls the port two times a week instead of just one. Normally, Nor Lines calls the port every Monday with the vessels M/V Cometa and M/V Tanager. However, because of increase cargo volumes from Hirtshals, Nor Lines now calls the port every Monday and Thursday.



15 May 2014
The Port of Hirtshals now introduces a more dynamic and transparent rate system for vessels that come to the port for repair, maintenance or rebuild. The port simplifies the current rate system and provides the opportunities for vessels to stay at the port on a daily rate.



10 April 2014
In cooperation with SKAT (the Danish Customs and Tax Administration), the three ferry companies Fjord Line, Color Line and Smyril Line, the Port of Hirtshals has made an improvement of the working conditions for the customers officers, who daily control the cars and trailers that arrives with the ferries to Hirtshals from Norway, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.



01 April 2014
In 2013, the Port of Hirtshals again substantiated is position as the commercial port of Northern Denmark. With a record turnover of DKK 63.5m (EURO 8,5m), the Port of Hirtshals presents revenue growth the fourth year in a row. The port also describes the financial result for the financial year 2013 as very satisfying - in 2013, the Port of Hirtshals has realized a financial result of DKK 9.6m (EURO 1.3m), which is more than double the financial result of 2012.



20 February 2014
It is now possible to experience the life and the activities at the Port of Hirtshals in four new movies, which the port has made about its different business areas. Transport, fishery and maritime service are the key issues in three of the movies. The forth movie shows the port's services and the employees, which the customers and users can expect to meet in their contact with the port. Another movie will be added during 2014, and this will present the development projects, which is to take place at the port in the years to come.



17 February 2014
The stevedore company Hirtshals Stevedore has invested in a new crane for handling of bulk cargo such as e.g. wood pellets, logs, fodder, stone and gravel, and wood chips. The new crane is mounted with a 21 meters crane arm, which can handle 12 tons by ship's side and 6 tons when extended to 21 meters. The crane is mounted with rubber tyres and is therefore easy to manoeuvre around the port.



14 February 2014
Once again, the Danish manufacturer of pumps Grundfos expands its testing activities at the Port of Hirtshals. Grundfos has entered into an agreement with the Port of Hirtshals for installation of another test system at the port. The test system will be located at Brokajen and consists of a 40" container that contains an ultra-filtration system and a reverse osmosis system, which serve to purify seawater for process water.



13 February 2014
It is now possible to follow the Port of Hirtshals on the social media Facebook. The Port of Hirtshals plays an important role not only for the local area, but also for Northern Jutland. In recent years, the interest for the port and its activities has been increasing, and the new Facebook profile makes it possible for all interested parties to follow the Port of Hirtshals - whether you are in the local area, Denmark or abroad.



27 January 2014
New numbers from the Port of Hirtshals show that more and more ships choose to bunker fuel at the Port of Hirtshals. Since 2010, the number of ships that bunker in Hirtshals has more than quadrupled. The vessels, which use the bunkering stations, are primarily from Norway.



15 January 2014
With an investment of Euro 3m in a rail freight terminal at the Port of Hirtshals, the contracting parties of "Train Fund Denmark" ensure an effect of national importance by reducing crowding at the Jutlandic motorway network.



13 January 2014
Northern Jutland has an opportunity to create a position in the European offshore sector, therefore the Port of Hirtshals and the Port of Frederikshavn has started a cooperation with a range of companies at and around the two ports in order to utilize the competences in a joined offshore venture.



08 January 2014
At the board meeting on Tuesday 7 January, the Port of Hirtshals' new board was established for the coming 4-year period 2014-2017.