Hirtshals Fish Festival a great success again this year

The first weekend of August, Hirtshals Fish Festival offered three exciting days of fish, fishery and learning. The festival was held at the North Sea Research Park, in town and at the port, and had between 10,000-15,000 visitors from Denmark and other parts of Europe. The large number of visitors meant that some of the activities during the festival either had to prolong their opening hours and some event had report sold out.

Mayor of Hjoerring Municipality Arne Boelt placed great emphasis on the value of cooperation in his opening speech:
- We are part of a network in Scandinavia, and we are very strong within the fishery in Hirtshals and Northern Jutland. The cooperation applies to both Northern Jutland and Scandinavia as the world keeps getting smaller and smaller, and the global competition becomes continuously stronger. Hirtshals Fish Festival is a great example of how a great effort from many volunteers can help prove that it is possible for us to put our region and Hirtshals on the map as a supplier of fish and tourist destination.

One of the core elements of Hirtshals Fish Festival is the fish tastes, where stalls with 15,000 tastes and many people filled the town centre and part of the fishing port. It was also possible to taste Årets Sild (herring of the year), which was introduced in connection with the festival.

One of the big magnets of the festival was the Friday fish market, which offered good prices on fresh fish and the opportunity to learn more about fish and try one's skills on fileting. Approximately 4,500-5,000 people visited the fish market, where tastes of fried herring and haddock helped to attract people. Chef Ronny Isvik was in charge of the fish cooking school that had more than 20 participants, who were taught how to create an easy menu from the fresh ingredients of the fish auction in Hirtshals.

Also this year's, the activities at the North Sea contained an international angle, as the combination of art, children's activities and "fish tales" from a lost time were the theme in a larger European cooperation, which is to create a connection between past and present. Besides the activities at the North Sea, fish tastes and the fish marked, around 600 people also enjoyed guided sailing in the port basins, and more than 450 guests took part in the large fish buffets Friday and Saturday night.

Chairman of the board of Hirtshals Fish Festival Jens K. Jensen says about the festival:
- Hirtshals Fish Festival 2013 has been satisfactory, and we must realize that our own capacity is a limitation for development. It is difficult for us to contain any more activities in our current set up. It is necessary for us to rethink part of the fish festival in order to fulfil the wish of more guest to participate in the activities. Simultaneously, it is important that we maintain our current activities and traditions that the festival guest like. We cannot come to a standstill and we are looking forward to the challenge of developing the festival even further.