The Port of Hirtshals builds emergency ferry landing

The Port of Hirtshals is building an emergency ferry landing to ensure that the shipping companies that navigate via the port have the possibility of calling into port and keeping their timetables in case interruptions or hard weather.

Over the last couple of years, the regular traffic in Hirtshals has been increasing and there are currently more than 40 weekly calls to port on routes to Norway, the Faroe Islands, and Iceland. The Port of Hirtshals has now decided to invest in the extra ferry landing to support the regularity in the traffic to and from the North Atlantic and Western Norway which is controlled by Fjord Line and Smyril Line.

The construction work has just begun and the port's Technical Manager, Peter Ydesen, says:
-During the last couple of months, we have been in close dialogue with the shipping companies that will be the primary users of the emergency landing regarding the design and location of it. We feel that the solution we have chosen gives the ferries the possibility of calling into port when they experience strong winds from directions which today can cause problems for the ferries. We will build a 30 meters wide, solid concrete ramp by Notkajen which is already prepared for a ramp. We predicted the future need for an emergency landing several years ago and now the traffic has increased to the extent that it is time to use of it.

The ramp is projected by Rambøll and the construction work will be carried out by HMU A/S Hirtshals. The ramp is made up of prestressed concrete elements with a free range of 10 meters and the goal is therefore to use a minimum of poles to carry the ramp.

Peter Ydesen is very positive about the construction work:
-We expect all the work to be done by May and that gives the ferries the possibility of testing the ramp during the summer so they all know the ramp and the conditions around it when we reach fall and winter and the weather can start getting tough.