Offshore service

The Port of Hirtshals is one of the largest commercial ports in Denmark, and in 2011 the Port of Hirtshals entered the offshore market for service and repair of offshore units together with a range of companies with competences and experience within field.

The Port of Hirtshals has the facilities to provide the right settings for service, repair and renovation of offshore units. Units are placed at the inner part of a port basin so that work on units can be done without any inconvenience for and from the port's other traffic. The mooring facilities in East Basin 2, where offshore units are normally placed, provide opportunities for handling of both floating units and jack up units. Likewise, the area contains installations for setting up offices, canteens and workshops.

  • 2016 "Atlantic Amsterdam" at the port for classing
  • 2015 "Atlantic Esbjerg" at the port for classing
  • 2012 "Mærsk Giant" at the port for renovation and upgrade
  • 2011 "Maersk Guardian" at the port for renovation and upgrade

Drilling rig entering the port

Facts - facilities and technical conditions

Width entry:
150 meter
Depth entry:
10,5 meter
Depth quayside:
10,5 meter
Rig to quay proximity:
2-3 meter
Allowed dock plate load:
5 ton/m²
Weather conditions:
For information about weather conditions, see Weather at Port of Hirtshals
Tide, high/low:
+/- 30 cm
1 knot
Diving visibility:
0,1-0,5 meter
Ice conditions:
Ice free
Crane coverage:
A 200 ton mobile crane can be used on certain areas of Sildekajen.
Certain restrictions exist for the use of cranes on Tværkajen.
Security gated area:
25/25 mbit
200 AmP
Noise restrictions:
70db 24/7
Environmental considerations:
Temporary environmental approval to be applied for by Hjoerring Municipality.
Distance to airport:
Aalborg 69 km og Sindal 26 km.

Together with external business partners, the companies at and around the Port of Hirtshals cover a wide field of offshore competences. The companies have the necessary certificates for working on offshore units and possess competences within e.g. forging, machinery, painting, coating and documentation.

Furthermore, the Port of Hirtshals is part of an offshore network called Offshore Base Scandinavia, which aims to promote the offshore competences in Northern Denmark.