Hirtshals Service Group

The service industry at the Port of Hirtshals has a long tradition of providing a vide range of services to the maritime sector. Likewise, there is a long tradition of close collaboration between the service companies.

The about 40 service companies at the Port of Hirtshals are organized in the maritime network Hirtshals Service Group. All branches within the maritime-related service industry are represented at the Port of Hirtshals, and the service companies at the Port of Hirtshals cover all types of repair work and service tasks.

The companies in Hirtshals Service Group work closely together, and customers therefore only need one entrance, which ensures fast and efficient servicing of vessels in the Port of Hirtshals. Hirtshals Service Group offers qualified and complete service of vessels and ships - including fishing vessels, cargo ships, naval vessels, ferries and supply vessels.

The logo of Hirtshals Service Group

Read more about Hirtshals Service Group on their website - www.hirtshalsservicegroup.dk