Fish processing

The Port of Hirtshals is home to a cluster of fish related companies with a wide range of competences and specialities. The fish related companies cover the whole spectrum within trade and processing of edible fish. The companies have specialised in different areas of processing and trade of fish and shellfish. 

The fish related cluster contains warehouses and other fish handling facilities, eg. for normal filleting and hand filleting of fish. Some companies are specialised in finished products and sell fish primarily landed in Hirtshals.

A range of companies deal in fish trade only, and these fish traders sell fish from both Hirtshals and the rest of the world.

Herring production has always been a part of Hirtshals, and Hirtshals is home to a smaller company producing herring, and another company with one of the strongest brands in Denmark for soured herring products.

Hirtshals is home to the largest concentration of salmon processing companies in Denmark. This is due to the great connections to Norway, which has one of the largest salmon productions in the world. The salmon industry in Hirtshals covers all aspects of salmon processing.
The fish processing companies in Hirtshals sell their products to both national markets and international markets in Europe. Daily, the companies send fish products to the demanding markets of Southern Europe, and to high profile restaurants in Denmark and abroad.. 

The fish related companies in Hirtshals are organised in Hirtshals Fiskeeksportørforening.

Fish production facilities