New and attractive commercial land

From 2015-2017, the Port of Hirtshals has established a new land expansion of 190,000 m². The new land is located east of the existing port area and includes both land close to quays and land ideal for multimodal logistics solutions.

Easy access to Europe/North Atlantic/other
Via a new main road, companies have a direct connection between the commercial land on the land expansion and the E39 motorway. The commercial land is mainly facing the main road to the industrial area. The land is thereby visible to passing traffic to and from the terminal area, where a large part of the traffic to Norway and the North Atlantic is handled.

All construction work has been completed and the commercial land is ready for construction, and depending on the location, construction heights of 8-20 meters are possible.

Aerial photo of the Port of Hirtshals

Be self-sufficient on electricity
Four wind turbines in the order of 3.6 MW are installed at the land expansion. The turbines are located at the outer jetty, and the designated commercial land is in direct connection with the wind turbines which have a height of 150 meters.

Wind turbine 1

It will be possible for interested companies to invest in a wind turbine and produce its own electricity and thus have documented green energy. For many companies this will be another step towards becoming CO2-neutral.

Companies with their own wind turbine also avoid selected charges for the electricity network, which can amount to large sums, and the companies can also sell any excess electricity on the electricity exchange.

Alternative options
In addition to the new commercial land on the land expansion, the Port of Hirtshals has also a few smaller leases in the "old" part of the port. Some of the vacant leases have facades towards some of the main roads of the port.

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