Waste and slop oil

The Port of Hirtshals accept operational and oil waste from vessels that call at the port. Vessels have a duty to report waste to the port control 24 hours before arrival in accordance with the port's waste management plan. The port control makes sure that removal of operational and oil waste is done according to the existing environmental requirements.

With the establishment of an efficient arrangement for receiving waste, the Port of Hirtshals wishes to achieve a positive environmental effect by responsible handling of the vessels' operational and cargo waste. The objective is to make it easy for the vessels that call at Danish ports to get rid of their waste.

Slop oil

Ports are obliged to collect operational waste from the vessels that call at the port. Operational waste is the waste that is produced by the vessel and its crew since its last call at a port.

At the Port of Hirtshals it is on of our objectives that the port always appear clean and welcoming to our business partners and our users. Therefore, we collect waste at the port area on weekdays, and a weekend watch makes sure that no waste is left on the quay of the port during the weekends.

Waste stations are placed on the quay in which galley waste, oil waste and flammable waste can be deposited in separate containers. The Port of Hirtshals makes sure that waste containers are emptied, just as the port collects any waste that may be found other places at the port.

The Port of Hirtshals appreciate that more and more users' of the port are making direct contact with the port control in connection with disposal of waste, as this makes the working procedure more efficient for both the users of the port and the port.

Companies that perform ship repair and maintenance of trawl and other fishing equipment are obliged to dispose of any waste, which may emerge in connection with the work.

The Port of Hirtshals is of assistance with disposal of cargo waste, trawl and fishing equipment and repair waste. A fee is charged corresponding to the port's expence in connection with the collection and disposal of the waste.

The Port of Hirtshals also collects oil wastes and slop oil if a ship requests it. The port has closed basins and tankers specially constructed for collection of slop oil and oil residue. By request from the vessel, the port control will fill out the vessel's oil journal.

Handling of waste and regulations for waste management is described in The Port of Hirthals' waste management plan, and the port control can also be contacted by VHF channel 12 and 16 or by phone +45 98 94 14 22 for any questions.

Waste management plan

The Port of Hirtshals has its own cleaning and waste management. The arrangement ensures that the port appears tidy and provides safe working conditions. The Port of Hirtshals allows trawl stretching and repair of nets ect. on certain quay areas.