News archive - 2018

14 November 2018
The future has arrived - or at least the future within salmon logistics and salmon distribution namely the shipping company Hav Line's factory-transport vessel "Norwegian Gannet". On November 13, 2018 "Norwegian Gannet" called the Port of Hirtshals for the first time in relation with a test call but already within the next couple of weeks, it is expected that "Norwegian Gannet" has been set into operation and therefore will deliver salmon to the new salmon terminal at the Port of Hirtshals.


07 November 2018
With an increasing degree of digitalization and integration of systems, the Port of Hirtshals will continuously improve its operations, reduce the operating costs and provide better service to collaborators. It is several years ago, the last invoice was sent by letter, and from the beginning of 2018, most paper was gone in the daily administration. The port is now ready to take the next step - it will be taken during 2019.


25 October 2018
Smyril Line's new administration and storage facilities is the first commercial building at the Port of Hirtshals' land expansion. The building is built by HMU and contains storage facilities of 2,700 sqm and office facilities of 600 sqm.


17 October 2018
In cooperation with Fjord Line and CLEVER, the Port of Hirtshals has installed six charging stations for electrical cars at Fjord Line's terminal. From now on, passengers who drives electrical cars, can recharge their cars while waiting for the ferry to Stavanger, Bergen and Langesund in Porsgrunn.


21 September 2018
The impact we have on the climate and above all, the possibilities we have to reduce it, are dominating themes of our times. Every activity has an effect, including activities that are not so obvious. We can all relate to the fact that the products and goods that we use as we go about our daily business require resources to manufacture and to dispose of. However, we rarely think about the transportation of such products and goods. For example, when tomatoes are transported from a commercial tomato grower in Spain, to the local shop, and finally to our kitchen table at home.


02 July 2018
The biggest topics on the agenda have, for good reason, become sustainability, climate responsibility and environmental awareness, and these are topics that everyone in the transport sector needs to include in their work to discover the transport models of the future.


26 April 2018
According to the Port of Hirtshals, the answer is yes. At the same time, the director of the port Jens Kirketerp Jensen also acknowledges that it is a big task to make cargo owners and transporters contemplate if there is a better alternative to their current transport solution.


04 April 2018
For the 8th year in a row, the Port of Hirtshals set a record in turnover with a total turnover of 77.5m DKK. In addition to this new record, the port reached an overall result of 11.2m DKK.