News archive - 2017

21 February 2018
The Port of Hirtshals focuses heavily on advising and inspiring transporters and cargo owners to think of cargo transport as a whole. This includes considering whether the most optimal transport solution might involve different forms of transportation. This will all be for the benefit of the companies' finances, flexibility, their green accounting, but also for the benefit of society as a whole.


12 February 2018
The first large construction work is starting to show on the land expansion recently established near the Nordsø Terminal. Smyril Line has joined forces with HMU A/S in Hirtshals who works as the turnkey contractor, and together they have started the construction of a 3,350 m² administrational and storage building, located close to the NordsøTerminal and Containerkajen where three of the Smyril Line's ships call into port on a weekly basis.


12 December 2017
In connection with Hav Line establishing a salmon terminal at the industrial wharf at the Port of Hirtshals, Jackon Denmark, subsidiary of the Norwegian industrial group Jackon, is establishing a packaging factory at the port. The factory will supply Hav Line with EPS-boxes for the transportation of their salmon.


07 December 2017
The salmon production company Jelex Seafood A/S established itself at the Port of Hirtshals in 2016, and at the same time, the company went from being a trading company to being a production company. Today Jelex Seafood A/S has 28 employees, including 19 in the production and nine in its administration and sales office.


17 October 2017
On October 12 2017, a French delegation comprising of twelve fishermen were visiting the Port of Hirtshals. The purpose of the visit was to give the French an insight into the processes in the Danish fishing industry.


27 July 2017
Without many noticing, the salmon activities in Hirtshals are rising. Latest, Seawell Hirtshals has expanded its production facilities and is now producing 35 tons daily - and that even without making use of the full capacity.


18 July 2017
Nortech Marine in Hirtshals mergers with SL Power Service in Faaborg which so far will generate six new jobs in Hirtshals. Besides, the six new jobs Christian Andersson, the founder of Nortech Marine, expects that the merger will generate even more jobs at the Port of Hirtshals.


14 July 2017
To optimise the quality of the products and to minimise the environmental impact, the Norwegian, Hav Line Group, has developed a new concept for transportation and production of salmon. With the Port of Hirtshals as centre of rotation, will the new concept offer the European markets salmon of a particularly high quality.


09 June 2017
The Port of Hirtshals has over several years experienced an exciting and positive development. As a result hereof, the port now launches a new website. Besides holding the same functions as the previous website, the new website also holds several new features that provide a better insight in the activities at the port as well as making the website more manageable in relation to several business areas.


18 May 2017
The Port of Hirtshals has just returned home from one of the world's largest transport exhibitions, Transport Logistic 2017 in Munich. The main message of the Port of Hirtshals was expansion of the current transport network, and besides a range of interesting meetings and enquiries, the port had an increased focus on railway cargo.


31 March 2017
MarineService always aims to provide the best possible product to its customers and that is why MarineService, which is located in Hirtshals, recently invested in the mobile laser cladding equipment. Besides, optimizing the existing procedures, the advantaged technology enables that MarineService can repair objects which previously had to be rejected.


29 March 2017
In connection with the Belgian royal couple's visit to Denmark 28-30 March, the Port of Hirtshals and the Port of Zeebrugge signed an agreement of cooperation, which is to strengthen the relations between the two ports. Also, the agreement is to form the basis for a development of joined business opportunities, and a strategic cooperation between the ports. CEO at the Port of Zeebrugge Joachim Coen and chairman of the board at the Port of Hirtshals Anker Laden-Andersen signed the agreement at a ceremony for the royal visit to Copenhagen.


06 March 2017
On Monday 20th February, Søren Gade, Member of Parliament and political group leader, visited Port of Hirtshals. The visit was a good occasion to discuss the Danish ports' conditions and possibilities in order to continuously create growth.


21 February 2017
At the beginning of February, HG 236 "Milton" arrived in Hirtshals. HG 236 "Milton" is the latest new ship after HG 264 "Ruth" and HG 62 "Beinur". HG 236 "Milton" is designed by Vestværftet in Hvide Sande and build by the Polish yard PTS Ltd. in Stettin. Hirtshals Yard are completing and fitting out the vessel which is a new area of business for Hirtshals Yard. The vessel is expected to be ready for use in July.


06 February 2017
At the moment several Greenlandic vessels can be found at the Port of Hirtshals. All vessels are here to undergo a larger service upgrade. SARFAQ ITTUK, which is a smaller passenger vessel and part of Artic Umiaq Line that sails between Nuuk and the towns on Greenland's west coast, arrived at the end of January. Shortly thereafter, the Greenlandic cargo vessel PAJUTTAT arrived. PAJUTTAT is part of Royal Arctic Line, which transports cargo between Aalborg in Denmark and Greenland. The two vessels are expected to stay until mid-February.


30 January 2017
This weekend, the Port of Hirtshals participated in an international language camp called Sprogcamp 2017. The camp was arranged by Hjoerring Gymnasium & HF and Aalborg University and included 185 students with special language skills from 43 different Danish gymnasiums. The Port of Hirtshals was chosen as focus company for the students with English as their language. Other languages at the camp consisted of French, Spanish, German, Italian and Chinese.