The Prime Minister unloaded the first load of sand for the port expansion

On February 26, 2015, The Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Smith visited the Port of Hirtshals which marked the beginning of the construction that will expand the port with 250,000 m². The Port of Hirtshals is investing in the land expansion to increase the possibilities for the businesses in the area. This will make it possible for the companies to continue growing in the future.

The development that the port is going through over the next couple of years will make it a focal point for cargo transport in Scandinavia. All these investments combined form the basis for Hirtshals evolving into a Scandinavian logistics center.

At the event, business leaders, entrepreneurs, advisors, and politicians witnessed Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Smith unloading the first cubic meters of sand into the ocean. The entrepreneurs could then continue the work of unloading the remaining 500,000 to 700,000 cubic meters of sand into the ocean - this is what will eventually become the land expansion.

The North Jutland port is investing DKK 110m in the expansion of the port as well as the infrastructure that will help ensure an efficient traffic at Østhavnen and at the Nordsø Terminal. This expansion creates reloading spaces and business areas near the port - all for the benefit of the maritime service sector.

With this investment, The Port of Hirtshals will also maintain the growing activity level that has characterized Hirtshals in later years. This means that the port will a strong player in the future when it comes to creating growth in North Jutland and Scandinavia.

The combined investments in the infrastructure in Hirtshals amount to around DKK 180m and include a rail cargo terminal, the land expansion at the port, and a main road. The rail cargo terminal investment is made as a joint effort by the Danish state, the Municipality of Hjørring and the Port of Hirtshals, and the main road connecting motorway 39 with Østhavnen is constructed by the Municipality of Hjørring.