Once again, Hirtshals puts itself on the map

During the first weekend of August, it is once again time for Hirtshals Fish Festival, and from Thursday, July 30, to Saturday, August 1, there will be plenty of opportunity to get new experiences and knowledge about fish. This year, the festivals also host the Local Cooking competition where 8 top-nudge restaurants in Northern Jutland compete on making the best dish with monkfish and other local ingredients.

As one of Denmark's leading ports in the Danish sector for edible fish, Hirtshals can easily be considered the fish capital of the country. This truly shines through during the Fish Festival where fish is on the agenda -from when it's caught to when it's eaten. Edible fish arriving in Hirtshals are brought directly to Hirtshals Fish Auction in an unbroken cold chain. This means that fish from Hirtshals is fresh and that makes it a great ingredient for dishes at restaurants and dinner tables all over Europe.

The Chairman of Hirtshals Fish Auction Association, Jens Kirketerp, says:
-Fish is healthy and that's why we use the festival to promote fish to our Danish and foreign visitors and our goal is to get people to eat more fish. At the festival, people can learn more about fish at the Fisketorv, get tips on how to prepare fish, and visit the different booths with samples from fish companies in Northern Jutland.

This year, the visitors can follow the competition Local Cooking where 8 top-restaurants give their best suggestion on how to make a main course with monk fish. The restaurants are judged on taste, looks as well as their presentation of the dish and its ingredients. After the competition, all participating cooks will be serving their dish at their restaurant so all the guests will be able to taste the delicious creations.

Jens Kirketerp Jensen continues:
- The national collaboration between Local Cooking and Hirtshals Fish Festival is an important step in promoting the unique food resource of Hirtshals - the fish.

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