The Port of Hirtshals sets new goals after strategy seminar

At a strategy seminar in August, the Port of Hirtshals adopted a new vision and strategy for the port's development towards 2020. With a stamp of approval of Vision 2020, the port has made new goals for the port's development and growth over the next 6 years.

A pleased chairman of the board Anker Ladsen-Andersen says after the strategy seminar:
- We have prepared the Port of Hirtshals' strategic foundation thoroughly, and we now have complete material with guidelines for the port's growth and role towards 2020. Vision 2020 makes for further growth, and we take a starting point in the port's development in recent years. We have no doubt about the port's potential, which is why we will invest the necessary resources in developing the business and the activities.

In 2006, the Port of Hirtshals formulated its plans for the future in Vision 2016. However, the development in several areas has happened faster than expected by the board and the management. Therefore, they have been working on new goals for the last two years, and these have now been gathered in Vision 2020.

Anker Laden-Andersen illustrates the paradigm shift, which has been decided by the board, as follows:
- Since 2004, we have defined the port as ?The leading commercial port of Northern Denmark", and we now believe that we have reached that status. Simultaneously, we have reached the conclusion that the Port of Hirtshals, based on its geographical location and the competences of the business clusters at the port, has a potential that goes even further.
In the future, the Port of Hirtshals will be defined as "PORT OF SCANDINAVIA..... because geography matters". This definition takes its starting point in the port's unique location in Scandinavia and the fact that geography plays an important role for the cargo transport, the fishing fleet, offshore operators and many others of our customers.

Vision 2020 adds another dimension to the development perspectives of the port. With an even greater focus on growth, the port will support and develop not only the existing activities, but also focus on creating new businesses.

The Port of Hirtshals will focus on its current business activities; cargo transport, fishery and fish processing, maritime service and offshore service, and create further growth through strategic development initiatives.

The port will priorities its development resources and strengthen its focus on the development of its business areas in order to achieve the outlined goals. The first step has already been made with the employment of a development manager, who is to work with development of the processing industry and white fish area.

For further information, please contact chairman of the board Anker Laden-Andersen by phone +45 40 63 12 03.

Fact - Port of Hirtshals

2013 in numbers
Passengers 2.2m
Cars 691,000
Lorries/trailers 141,000
Cargo 1.5m tons
Fish - value of landings DKK 477m
Turnover DKK 63.5m
Profit DKK 9.6m

Ferry services to
Kristiansand, Norway
Larvik, Norway
Langesund, Norway
Bergen, Norway
Stavanger, Norway
Torshavn, the Faroe Islands
Seydisfjordur, Iceland

General cargo services:
From Hirtshals to Oslo and up along the Norwegian west coast to Kirkenes.
From Emshaven and Cuxhaven to Hirtshals.

One of Denmark's largest clusters of processing companies
Fish auction
Facilities for landing of herring and mackerel

Maritime service
Covered floating dock
Slip ways
Clusters of service companies with 24/7 service

Offshore service
Member of Offshore Base Scandinavia
Jack ups for renovation in 2011 og 2012