Increasing interest for service at Hirtshals Road

A new market for service of vessels at Hirtshals Road outside the Port of Hirtshals is growing - i.e. vessels that come to anchor outside the port to be service by companies from the port.

In June, the coaster M/S "Siegfried Lehmann" needed to get a repairman onboard to carry out follow-up adjustments following a yard stay. The repairman was sent from Odense in Southern Denmark to Hirtshals, and from here he was sailed to the vessel as it passed by the port.

Manager and skipper Mikael Jensen from Sea Service Express, who managed the transport of the repairman to M/S ?Sieg-fried Lehmann" says:
- We are experiencing an increasing interest for servicing of vessels outside the Port of Hirtshals, and this suits us fine, as we are rather new on the market. Hirtshals is an obvious choice, when it comes to servicing vessels at Hirtshals Road. The vessels have a minimum deviation from the sea-lanes north of Denmark, and this means we can service the vessels with-out any unnecessary waste of time and thereby costs.

The companies at the Port of Hirtshals are experienced with servicing cargo vessels and manage crew change, provision-ing and repair work etc. New companies are continuously arriving as business partners for the maritime cluster at the Port of Hirtshals, and this will provide and even wider supply of services.

Besides the short distance to the vessels, the Port of Hirtshals is also within short distance of the airports of Sindal and Aalborg, and the European motorway network, which has its starting point at the port. Together, this makes it easy and efficient to do crew change outside the Port of Hirtshals.