Multimodal logistics centre of Scandinavia

The core of the cargo transport across the Port of Hirtshals is the ro/ro traffic and at the same time the port is a centre for multimodal transport - i.e. the port offers the possibility of combining ferry traffic, cargo traffic, road traffic and/or rail traffic. The port's objective is to expand its market position within the ro/ro traffic in Scandinavia through the combination of ferry routes, cargo routes, railway and motorway and thereby creating optimal transport solutions.

Because of the Port of Hirtshals' unique geographic location directly to the sea corridors in the North Sea and a well-developed hinterland infrastructure, Hirtshals has high potential for exploiting all of the advantages of the different modes of transport and creating transport solutions based on efficiency and optimisation of transport economy. Besides, the future places greater demand on sustainable transport solutions - also in this context multimodal transport solutions in Scandinavia with Hirtshals as the logical centre constitute an important element.

Ferry and cargo routes
The Port of Hirtshals is with its location the obvious choice for the connection between the European continent and Scandinavia; The about 60 ferry crossings in Hirtshals make direct cargo traffic between Continental Europe and destinations in Scandinavia as well as the Faroe Islands and Iceland possible.

With the Port of Hirtshals as starting point, the service network forms the basis of direct transport to a number of destinations in Norway, which makes it possible to utilise the direct sea transport and minimise the extent of road transport of goods in Norway. The total service network at the Port of Hirtshals offers efficient and high frequency sea transport between North Jutland and South Norway as well as the Oslo region.

The ro/ro vessel Kvitnos

Through the service network the Port of Hirtshals is connected to international routes, which open several opportunities for transhipment to overseas routes.

The E39 motorway has its northern source at the Port of Hirtshals, and hence the Port of Hirtshals is connected directly to the European motorway network.

The direct link between port and motorway allows both local distribution of goods from the seaside and fast transportation of fresh goods that require a minimum of transport time down though Europe.

The E39 motorway makes it possible to optimise the transport solution that is tailored to fit the needs of each individual company.

Rail freight / combi terminal
The rail freight traffic at the Port of Hirtshals is a central part of the future in the development of the port as a multimodal logistics centre. A combi terminal with a length of 675 metres has been established and it can service the longest multimodal trains in Europe.

Due to track renovations and implementation of a new digital signal system on the railway network in Jutland, there is currently no rail freight traffic to Hirtshals.

The combi terminal in Hirtshals

Based on close cooperation with Banedanmark and the European rail freight operators, it is the Port of Hirtshals' clear expectation that there will be established multimodal rail traffic at the combi terminal by the end of 2020. The aim is to start with three weekly services with a train that can transport 38 truck trailers (semi-trailers) between Hirtshals and destinations in Europe.

A number of concrete activities with focus on opening rail freight traffic are ready to be initiated, when the railway network in Jutland opens for traffic. Companies interested in exploring the possibilities of multimodal rail traffic are always welcome to contact the Port of Hirtshals for further information and to be among the first to exploit the opportunities.

Deconsolidation of cargo
Today, the Port of Hirtshals is not only a ferry port where full loads of cargo traffic pass in transit; Since the end of 2018 it has also been possible to deconsolidate cargo. Thereby, the Port of Hirtshals paves the way for streamlining of the cargo transport, which at the same time is given added value.

Close by the cargo area at the North Sea Terminal by ferry berth 3 and 4 is a logistic centre, which offers deconsolidation and unpacking of cargo, for example in connection with distribution in Norway. The logistics centre is open for cooperation with hauliers and transport buyers.