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01 December 2022
There is enormous climate potential in the agreement, which seven companies have just signed on the transport and storage of biogenic CO2 in North Jutland. The partners will initially transport retained CO2 from local biogas plants to the port of Hirtshals, from where it is shipped out for storage in empty oil fields in the North Sea.


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31 August 2022
The expansion of the Port of Hirtshals has moved one step closer following the city council's decision that the Municipality of Hjørring will carry out a pre-debate and host a public meeting on the big port project. Managing director Per Holm Nørgaard looks forward to the debate.


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24 August 2022
The curve is broken and is now moving in the right direction for the Port of Hirtshals as the numbers of passengers and cars passing through the port hit record highs in July 2022. More than 190,000 cars and around 630,000 passengers used the port which is considerable progress. This suggests that the pent-up desire to travel from the last couple of years has finally been released, the director of the port, Per Holm Nørgaard, explains.


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areal illustration of the port expansion


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We can offer 106,000 m² of vacant commercial land ready for construction.


Webcams & movies

The Port of Hirtshals would like to give all interested parties an insight into the life and activities at and around the port.

Follow the activities via our web cams

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The port's positions

The Port of Hirtshals works constantly on improving the conditions for the Danish ports and the industries that depend on the ports. This is why the Port of Hirtshals participates in the public dialogue about topics that are relevant in order to secure the commercial possibilities as well as topics to ensure that Denmark will have an even stronger position in relation to international competition.

In the following, the Port of Hirtshals will present the topics which the port is currently focusing on in order to give the ports the best possible opportunities to contribute to growth.

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Terms and conditions

The Port of Hirtshals is home to a range of different commercial activities. It is important for all who cooperate with the port, to know the conditions that underlie the use of the port´s facilities and the disclaimer cited by the port. The Port of Hirtshals´ terms and conditions, and disclaimer can be found here.

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Notification forms

It is possible for vessels that call at Port of Hirtshals to fill out an report forms online on this website, and afterward send it directly to the port.

Report of vessels' disposal of waste at Port of Hirtshals
Report of insufficient facilities


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