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06 April 2022
With a revenue of DKR 76 million and a DKR 3.5 million profit, the Port of Hirtshals looks back at satisfactory 2021. Even though the coronavirus crisis made an impact on traffic patterns, the port maintained a high activity level which will only increase in the coming years. Massive investments will create new possibilities as well as growth for both existing and new businesses on the port.


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18 March 2022
In 2021, more than two million tons of cargo and over 152,000 trucks and trailers passed through the Port of Hirtshals. These are the highest figures over the past three years and a positive development at a time when the number of cars, passengers and landings of fish have fallen due to the corona situation.


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17 February 2022
Usually, the shipyard industry is not the first thing you think of when it comes to recycling and sustainability. But at Hirtshals Yard, it has long been the standard way of things, and today, they sort their waste into 19 different fractions - including fluorescent tubes, batteries, paint, waste oil, plastic, insulation, electronics, concrete, cardboard, and many more.


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areal illustration of the port expansion


Realise your company's potentials at the right location.
We can offer 106,000 m² of vacant commercial land ready for construction.


Webcams & movies

The Port of Hirtshals would like to give all interested parties an insight into the life and activities at and around the port.

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The port's positions

The Port of Hirtshals works constantly on improving the conditions for the Danish ports and the industries that depend on the ports. This is why the Port of Hirtshals participates in the public dialogue about topics that are relevant in order to secure the commercial possibilities as well as topics to ensure that Denmark will have an even stronger position in relation to international competition.

In the following, the Port of Hirtshals will present the topics which the port is currently focusing on in order to give the ports the best possible opportunities to contribute to growth.

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Terms and conditions

The Port of Hirtshals is home to a range of different commercial activities. It is important for all who cooperate with the port, to know the conditions that underlie the use of the port´s facilities and the disclaimer cited by the port. The Port of Hirtshals´ terms and conditions, and disclaimer can be found here.

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Notification forms

It is possible for vessels that call at Port of Hirtshals to fill out an report forms online on this website, and afterward send it directly to the port.

Report of vessels' disposal of waste at Port of Hirtshals
Report of insufficient facilities


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